Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pantyhose Asses from Facebook and Twitter

What is not to love about a round butt covered in sheer nylon? Well this post is dedicated to pantyhose covered asses I scavenged from Facebook and Twitter. Admittedly, some of these images are not really amateur Facebook girls. But some are. And I tried to pick those that looked the least professional. Do not get me wrong I have nothing against a well shot professional photograph. Legs are longer, girls are taller, asses are rounder...yet there is something about amateur girls in pantyhose that is more appealing beyond the quality of the shoot, beyond the physique of the girl, beyond the salaciousness of the pose...Anyway, I stray. Enjoy the pictures.

This is probably part of an older teaser pack from a pay site. I could not find which one. But the photo is very appealing. The slight uneven posture of the butt gives you a sense of movement. It is as if this sexy blonde in fine nude pantyhose is rocking her ass in your face. You can almost visualize it in your mind. I must also say that I particularly like this type of pantyhose. Nude, sheer but also looks (and feels?) like it is very tight on your legs and behind. Professional or not this is a good image. I like it.

This is one of my all time favorites. As far as freely obtained pantyhose fetish images go this is one of the best. The shape of the ass covered in sheer black pantyhose is just right. It is round, it is big but not too big. The sight of the lacy thong is extra stimulating. If you are not a pantyhose fetishist, this picture has the potential to turn you to our side, to the nylon and lycra side of erotica. From this vantage point legs do not seem too bad either. I love it. 

What can I say? This is also a very enticing view. Fishnet pantyhose, black high heel pumps, slinky bodice...good lighting and a good camera is all you need to make this image eternally arousing. And so it has. Unfortunately I do not know the origin of this picture. If I did I would go and shop for more. Who said pantyhose fetish is necessarily vulgar and tasteless? Here you go: there is erotic stimulation, and also some artsy photography as well. These three were among my favorites. Below I also put a few more I collected over time. Just enjoy. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pantyhose Asses From Facebook and Twitter

For the pantyhose fetishist one of the challenges is to find original and free content. We are always in a quest to find a never before seen picture are a never before watched video. And this is not very easy. It does not matter what your interest is. Are you into girls sleeping in pantyhose? There are so few pictures to begin with let alone original ones? Do you like Thai girls in nylons? Well get in line! Are you aroused by Japanese beauties in black pantyhose? Who is not? The problem seems to be that after you spend a few days scavenging for pantyhose pictures it feels as if you've seen it all. This problem is one of the reasons I started this blog. To find never before seen images and make them available to the pantyhose enthusiasts. And how do I do that? By scavenging on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks. These places are both dumpsters for old material and also for real amateur pantyhose and nylons gems. From time to time you can find a real amateur girl in pantyhose post her lovely legs on Facebook.

Of course from time to time I get caught by old material posted as original but I do not mind that very much. After all pantyhose is pantyhose and if I publish an recycled professional model pantyhose picture so be it. You can be sure that there is always some new material and you probably have not seen it all.

Today I am going to dump some of the asses in pantyhose pictures here. I admit that I have not checked all of them for authenticity but I believe many of them are new for you. Most of us love a round butt covered in nylon, don't we? Here are a few amateur butts covered in sheer nylon. Enjoy!

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